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ANYONE wanting to play travel soccer in the Fall 2016 and or Spring 2017 will need to evaluate.
Evaluations for the 2016/2017 playing season have already taken place.  If you are planning to participate in our travel program and were not able to attend the June evaluation sessions, please contact our Travel Coordinator listed below.

On line registration for the upcoming season is now open.

If you are planning to play at the travel level, PLEASE register ASAP, to help us form our teams and meet our imposed deadlines!

NOTE:  Evaluations are NOT tryouts.

As a recreational program, we make every attempt to place those wishing to play at the travel level onto an age appropriate team.  
Results of these evaluations are not made public.
Team formations will not occur until registration for the fall session has closed, so please do not expect to hear from anybody until that time.

All questions should be addressed to Tim Kashak our Travel Coordinator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Last Updated on Sunday, June 19 2016 16:03
Pittsburgh Soccer Academy Summer Camps PDF Print E-mail
The Pittsburgh Soccer Academy (PSA) is running summer camps in several locations over the summer, including one on Maize Field in July!

Please visit their site at www.pittsburghsocceracademy.com for additional locations and to register.

Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity.
Act quickly as the deadline is quickly approaching!!!
Last Updated on Monday, June 06 2016 02:36
Sportsmanship In Focus PDF Print E-mail

Good sportsmanship happens on both sides of the field. As a parent and a fan, you play an important role in establishing and maintaining good sportsmanship. Be a role model for your child by setting the tone of good sportsmanship before, during, and after the game.

Here are 4 ways you can practice good sportsmanship from the spectators side of the field.

1) Positive Cheering

TRY: Cheering with positive comments or noisemakers.

* Yah, Whoo Hoo, Way to go, Great try, Well done, nice job, etc.

*Wave towels, pom poms or signs, clap, stomp or ring cowbells or other noisemakers.

AVOID: Negative comments or coaching from the stands.

2)  Cheer For Everybody

TRY: Celebrate great efforts by both teams. Give opponents and opposing parents a sincere "good game" when the match is over.  Thank the official and coaches for a job well done.

AVOID:  Only cheering for your child.  Only talking about your son/daughter on the spectator's sideline.  Telling the coach how, when or where to play your child.

3)  Positive Post Game Discussion

TRY: Asking

*What was the most fun part of today's game?

*What was your favorite play?

*What did you learn from today's game?

AVOID:  PGA - Post Game Analysis

*You should have done this or that.

*Don't you think you should have...?

*Why didn't you...?

4) Keep Your Emotions In Check

TRY:  Being Calm

*Count to ten and take a deep breath.

*Wait at least a day before initiating any discussions with the coaches.

*See the big picture, not just the scoreboard.

AVOID: Being Over Emotional

*Yell and scream in an irrate or negative manner.


*Distract from the game with bad behavior on the spectator's sideline.

*Lose perspective.


These suggestions are offered in part by Positive Coaching Alliance, and when followed, will help to ensure and enjoyable experience for all involved.


Last Updated on Monday, June 06 2016 02:33
Parent / Coach Information PDF Print E-mail
Please be sure to check out the Documents tab on the left side of our home page.  This will direct you to several informational articles under the General Documents tab, intended to make the youth soccer experience better for all involved.
Last Updated on Saturday, May 23 2015 16:38

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