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                                                                                                  Return to Play Guidelines


The Jaguars United Soccer Association wants to ensure that the safety of our players, coaches, volunteers, and families remains our # 1 priority.  As a result, upon receiving continued guidance from PA West, US Youth Soccer, the State of PA, and the CDC, Jaguars United has established the following Return to Play Guidelines which set forth the precautions that the Jaguars United Soccer Association (Jaguars United) intends to undertake for the resumption of soccer activities in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Individual decisions as to whether a child should participate in any Jaguars United activity is solely the decision of that child’s parents and Jaguars United respects all parents’ decisions regarding the health and safety of their children.  If anyone is not comfortable returning to play, then they should not participate.  To the extent anyone decides to participate in Jaguars United activities, then, in addition to all applicable state and federal health guidelines and protocols, Jaguars United requires compliance by all involved with these guidelines for the health and safety of all of our members and the soccer community in general.


Personal Safety Standards to be followed by ALL club members while attending/participating in Jaguars United events.


1.       Do not attend any training or game if not feeling well.  PLEASE STAY HOME!!


2.       ALL coaches, players, referees, and parents/spectators must wear masks at ALL times.


3.       Wash hands with soap and water; when soap and water are not available use hand sanitizer.


4.       Avoid touching face.


5.       Follow all social distancing guidelines.


6.       Only players and coaches are permitted on the soccer fields and surrounding areas during practice sessions, which means no parents/siblings are allowed on the fields during practice.   


7.       The PA West/Jaguars United Soccer Association waiver MUST be completed during registration, prior to any return to play.


Responsibilities of Jaguars United


·         Publish the Return to Play Guidelines.

·         PA West and Jaguars United will require a signed liability waiver for PA West and the Jaguars United Soccer Association, which will be required during registration.

·         Develop procedure for isolation of any cases of COVID 19 or COVID 19 exposure reported to the club. 

·         All coaches and volunteers will be educated on new protocols and requirements.

·         Develop procedure to track attendance at all Jaguars United events.

·         Schedule trainings and activities to prevent interactions and gatherings between incoming and outgoing teams. 

·         Provide adequate outdoor space for training.

·         Only coaches are permitted to handle equipment (goals, cones, corner flags).


Responsibilities of Coaches/Volunteers


·         Create a responsible environment:

o   All coaches/volunteers are required to wear a mask/face covering at all times, during both training/games.

o   Establish individual player stations utilizing cones, 6 feet apart, at or around the bench area for player belongings (bags/equipment/water/etc.).

o   Promote good hygiene practices (hand washing/sanitizing).

o   Remind players to observe social distancing (ex: no huddles, handshakes, high fives, etc.).

o   Strict adherence to training and field schedules to limit gatherings and interactions between teams coming/going.  Prompt arrival/start and finish/departure.

o   No post game snacks.

·         Case Reporting:

o   Record all attendees at all trainings and games.

o   Require any player exhibiting symptoms of any illness to return home.

o   When sending a child home, please notify the board to ensure the appropriate research and steps are taken to ensure the safety of all participants.

·         Follow policy for shared equipment:

o   Only coaches are permitted to handle equipment (goals, cones, corner flags).

o   Do not use shared equipment (pinnies, gloves).

o   All children are required to have their own ball and water with their names on them.


Responsibilities of Parents


·         Return to play is voluntary.  If you are not yet comfortable returning to play, we understand.  Please continue to stay home until you are, and we look forward to you rejoining us.

·         Ensure that you, your player(s), and any of your guests comply with all Return to Play Guidelines.

·         All travel parents are required to comply with any visiting team protocols when traveling to an away game at another club.

·         Check your child’s temperature before attending any training session or game.

·         Keep players home if they are sick (fever, cough, etc.). 

·         Notify the club immediately (within 24 hours of receiving notice) if your child/player or member of your household has had (1) confirmed exposure to COVID 19 and/or (2) becomes ill with COVID-19.

·         If your child/player has been exposed and/or becomes ill with COVID-19, you will be required to provide 2 negative tests and a note from your family doctor confirming that your child/player is not/no longer infected.

·         Ensure that all players’ equipment is sanitized before each training/game.


·         Everyone should maintain “social distancing” (i.e. do not congregate in groups 5+ (families only) on the sidelines and must maintain a minimum of 6 ft. apart from each other).


·         It is strongly recommended that people over 65 and/or with pre-existing conditions avoid attending.

·         Please stay off the field/in your car during training sessions.

·         Only players and coaches are permitted on the soccer fields and surrounding areas during training sessions.

·         Only coaches can move equipment.  We always appreciate when parents are willing to lend a hand, but please limit the movement/gathering of equipment to the coaches.


Responsibilities of Players


·         Return to play is voluntary.  If you are not comfortable returning to play, please continue to stay home until you are.

·         Adhere to all Return to Play protocols.

·         Do not come to an event if you are sick or not feeling well.  We will send you home.

·         Practice good personal hygiene.

o   Wash hands thoroughly BOTH before and after all trainings and games.

o   Please bring a personal hand sanitizer to all trainings and games.

·         Do not share water, food, equipment.

o   Each player should bring sufficient water to all trainings and games, labeled with their name.  DO NOT SHARE!!

o   Each player should have their own ball, labeled with their name.

o   Do not touch equipment. (goals, cones, corner flags).

·         Respect and practice social distancing.

o   No high fives, handshakes, group celebrations, etc.

o   Place equipment, bags, etc., at least 6 feet apart in designated areas.




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